Long For You Lyrics (English Translation) – Hyunjin

Long for you Lyrics (English Translation) by HYUNJIN is latest Korean song

Long for you (English Translation) Song Detail

Song TitleLong for you (English Translation)
Lyricist(s)HYUNJIN, JoHa (KOR)

[Lyrics of Long for you (English Translation) by HYUNJIN]

shadowy eyes
your dry voice
When was it?
Walking side by side
faded photo
With a smile inside
With a youthful expression
In the overlapping seasons

The night is so cold that it shouldn’t be like this
When I wake up, there is another silence
close both eyes
The white flowers we planted together are blooming
I have enough courage to break it
I’m withering away

So I long for you
And I long for you
And I’ll long for you
So I can keep loving you
So I could be loving you
And more

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