Woman, 83, ordered to remove shed she built in her parking bay

A former nurse has been ordered to remove a shed she built in her parking space.

Dot Slater, 83, has been told to pull down the shed in which she stores her mobility scooter after complaints by local residents.

Mrs Slater disputes claims made by bosses at the housing complex that the site of the shed had not been agreed in advance.

Mrs Slater had the shed built in a discreet area in the corner of the flat’s carpark in Colwyn Bay, Wales, so she and another resident could safely store their mobility scooters.

She is now in a battle with Emeritus Homes plc over the future of the parking shed.

Speaking to North Wales Live, Mrs Slater said she received a verbal agreement from a member of staff that she could install the small 8x6ft shed.

Following complaints, Emeritus Homes plc, who runs the block, have told her in writing that she didn’t have permission to build it.

They said Mrs Slater can have a replacement structure if plans are formally submitted and approved.

Mrs Slater, who has osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis, was a nurse and ran a catering business before retiring.

Mrs Slater said: “I was told verbally I could put the shed there but then they denied saying it and I got a letter asking me to remove it. I’m 83 and I need it there.

“My scooter had been under a sheet outside for 12 months before then and this shed has been up for five weeks.

“Two of us use it and it has a padlock.”

Mrs Slater added that she has received a letter saying that any proposed additions had to be agreed in writing with the landlord.

Mrs Slater said the letter stated: “The car park is a communal facility with reserved parking bays.

“Any proposed additions must be agreed in writing with the landlord in advance.

“The shed has drawn criticism for its appearance and size. I must ask that the current structure is removed until such time as a proposition for a replacement is submitted and approved.”

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