William and Kate’s ‘Star Quality’ Is Integral to What King Charles Has Planned for His Reign — Report

After “stellar wins” for the royal family this summer, King Charles III is mapping out the future of his reign. As he approaches one year on the throne, the king’s reportedly gearing up to leverage Prince William and Kate Middleton’s “star quality.” What he hopes to achieve with help from his oldest son and daughter-in-law, plus the “gargantuan” task ahead. 

King Charles wants William and Kate to use their ‘star’ power to bring the Commonwealth together 

Prince William and Kate Middleton, whose 'star quality' is reportedly key to King Charles's plan for the future of his reign and the monarchy, stand with Queen Camilla on the red carpet
Kate Middleton, Prince William, Queen Camilla, and King Charles III | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

The Prince and Princess of Wales are key to King Charles’s plan for the monarchy. According to a Mirror report, the king’s set to leveraging the couple’s “star quality” to strengthen relations between Commonwealth countries. 

Part of the reported Balmoral Castle summit agenda, King Charles wants William and Kate in instrumental roles. 

“His Majesty is very clear,” a source close to the king told the outlet. “The Commonwealth must be at the very heart of his reign. He sees it as his utmost duty to fulfill the sincere wish of his late mother. That one of his central roles must be to ensure not only the survival but the robustness.” 

They also added William and Kate’s roles include “being at the heart of cementing their own future” and “the monarchy at large.”

The king wants to reaffirm ‘friendship’ in the Commonwealth with ‘harder’ years on the horizon

A senior civil servant also said it’s all part of King Charles continuing Queen Elizabeth II’s “legacy.” 

He “hopes to use the symbolism tied into his mother’s legacy to offer a hand of friendship, which might get harder as the years go by,” they said. King Charles reportedly will remind fellow royals it’s essential realms be “brought closer to Britain.” 

In recent years, breaking away from the monarchy and the Commonwealth, formally the Commonwealth of Nations, has been at the forefront. Some members have opted for independence.  

With that in mind, King Charles, per the report, is also doing some traveling to Canada and Australia.

The ‘gargantuan’ task of launching a ‘charm offensive’ abroad awaits Kate and William

Prince William and Kate Middleton, whose 'star quality' King Charles III reportedly wants to use to bring the Commonwealth together, walk and smile
Prince William and Kate Middleton | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Wielding William and Kate’s “star quality” isn’t going to be as simple as gracing a red carpet or doing a walkabout from time to time. Because the goal is to bring together the Commonwealth, the couple has to tread carefully, especially in the wake of their “disastrous” royal tour of the Caribbean in 2022. Senior officials in Britain’s Foreign Office have even described what they’re setting out to achieve as “gargantuan.” 

Difficulty aside, the Prince and Princess of Wales will conduct a “charm offensive” wherever royal tours take them. However, everything will be carefully planned and thought out. 

“The Caribbean tour wasn’t a complete catastrophe, but it was a massive wake-up call,” a “government insider” said. “Simply turning up with a wave and a smile and a speech of friendship will not work anymore.”

Meanwhile, William’s remarks about the Windrush generation made in June 2022 have given “Palace officials” hope it “will help dialogue with communities.” 

For now, William and Kate’s summer is winding down as the royal family prepares for the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s death. 


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