Will The Culpo Sisters Return To TLC For A 2nd Season?

One thing that fans of “The Culpo Sisters” might see on Season 2 is Olivia Culpo’s engagement to now-fiancé Christian McCaffrey. The NFLer got down on one knee on April 2, 2023. According to founder and CEO of Ring Concierge Nicole Wegman, McCaffrey went with a “beautifully cut Oval flanked with Epaulette side stones in a handcrafted gold and platinum setting” (via People magazine). Three months later, Culpo and McCaffrey celebrated their engagement with family and friends at an outdoor soiree in Culpo’s home state of Rhode Island. Culpo shared photos and videos from the event from beginning to end on Instagram, and it seems as though each aspect of the celebration, from planning to party, would make for great reality television. That is, of course, if cameras were rolling. And, if not, there’s always the couple’s upcoming wedding.

And Olivia, who once dated Nick Jonas, isn’t the only Culpo sister who’s had big relationship changes. Sophia Culpo and her boyfriend Braxton Berrios broke up earlier in the year. “Towards the end of it, we got in conversations along the lines of we just weren’t working out. So when we split back in January, that’s why,” Berrios told Entertainment Tonight. He and Sophia had been together for two years and many people thought they were end game. Sophia hasn’t said too much about how things played out with Berrios — but her split could easily be a story line on Season 2 of “The Culpo Sisters.”

Post source: The List


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