Why Andrew Garfield Is Convinced He Wore The Best Spider-Man Suit

While Andrew Garfield admits there’s a downside to wearing Spider-Man’s suit, the actor is thrilled that he at least had the opportunity to slip the costume on one more time 2021 Marvel Cinematic Universe adventure. Weighing in on the future of his version of Spider-Man in the MCU in a 2022 interview exclusive with Looper, Garfield said in the philosophical sense that all three versions examined in “Spider-Man: No Way Home” will always be here.

“I love what Jon Watts did with ‘No Way Home.’ He deserves some prize for bringing all those different story narratives into one cohesive thing that felt joyful and creative and fun,” Garfield told Looper. “Each Peter’s multiverse story goes on. Tobey’s living his life in his universe. I’m living my life in my universe, and Tom will carry on in his. Whether or not they’re on film is another question, but they will live. Maybe when we’re in our 70s, they’ll do another kind of crossover! That would be funny.”

While all three actors are all waiting to see if they’ll appear as the webslinger again, a new Spider-Man rumor has surfaced suggesting Maguire and Sam Raimi are reuniting for a new movie.


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