Who Was Tuija Wuori-Tabermann Husband? Finnish Poet Tommy Tabermann, Children, Illness, Age

Who was Tuija Wuori-Tabermann Husband? Did she marry Tommy Tabermann? How was their relationship? Did she have children? 

Journalist, writer, editor, and producer Tuija Wuori-Tabermann passed away after suffering from a long illness. She died on 6 July 2023 and Otava’s marketing and communications director Kirsi Tahjanjoki confirmed her death. Kirsi says,

Wuori-Tabermann fell asleep in the presence of his family. Memories last. We had 24 wonderful and happy years together. You have to be happy about them, Wuori-Tabermann told Ilta-Sanom in 2017 about the time after her spouse’s death.

Tuija Wuori-Tabermann had a long career in newspapers, television, and radio. She produced music programs and tv documentaries by writing several books. She wrote about renunciation, grief work, and her supernatural experiences.

Tuija’s work partner Mari Mikkola recalls her saying,

She was a really charming and wonderful person. Very nice partner and approachable. I remember that when he called, it was always nice to talk to her. She was a very deep person who was easy to talk to.

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Who was Tuija Wuori-Tabermann Husband? Finnish poet Tommy Tabermann

Tuija Wuori-Tabermann had been married to Tommy Tabermann who passed away in 2010. Her husband Tommy passed away due to a brain tumor in July 2010. He was being treated at the Hospice. They had been married for over a decade.

Tuija Wuori-Tabermann Husband Tommy Tabermann
Tuija Wuori-Tabermann Husband Tommy Tabermann

Who was Tommy Tabermann, Tuija Wuori-Tabermann’s husband?

Tuija Wuori-Tabermann and her husband Tommy Tabermann are not alive now. They were soulmates. Not their souls have met in heaven. Tommy was a Finnish contemporary poet and politician along with being a radio personality and journalist. He was known for his witty role as team captain in the Saturday night tv show Uutisvuto from 1998 to 2006.

What happened to Tuija Wuori-Tabermann’s husband?

Husband Tommy got diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in August 2009 and passed away on 2 July 2010. He was buried n the Hietaniemi Cemetery in Helsinki.

Did Tuija Wuori-Tabermann have children?

No, Tuija Wuori-Tabermann didn’t have children.

Tuija Wuori-Tabermann Illness/Cause of Death

Tuija Wuori-Tabermann was suffering from an illness for a long time but she never discussed her illness. After battling with her illness, she passed away on 10 August 2023. She was around 72 years old as of her death. 

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