Who Is Robert Macedonio Lawyer? Representing Rex Heuermann’s Wife Asa Ellerup

Robert Macedonio is a lawyer, and ex-con, who represents Gilgo Beach murder suspect Rex Heuermann’s Wife Asa Ellerup.

Asa Ellerup is the wife of Rex, who is the murder suspect in Gilgo Beach. Macedonio is representing the divorce proceeding of Asa Ellerup.

On Monday, Robert revealed that complaints on behalf of Asa were filed at the court. the divorce proceeding has started now and the Daily Mail has confirmed this news.

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Who is Robert Macedonio Lawyer?

Robert Macedonio is a lawyer from Long Island. He took the case of divorce from Asa, who is the wife of long island murder suspect Rex. As of now, he is 56 years old criminal defense attorney. As of now, his license was suspended because he was detained for 0.5 grams of cocaine.

The wife of murder suspect Asa Ellerup said;

“Please leave me alone. I will not be saying anything.”

Who is Rex Heuermann? Here’s what we know about the Gilgo Beach serial killer suspect https://t.co/Ki3RYbgWLy pic.twitter.com/qj51QZw44C

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