Who Is Michelle Laroque? Steve Harwell’s Wife, Their Relationship, Steve’s Relationship With Esther And Annette

Who is Michelle Laroque? Steve Harwell’s Wife

Steve Harwell, a former lead singer of Smash Mouth,  best known for the song ‘All Star: Died on Monday. At 56, the singer took his last breath at his home in Boise.  

The news was confirmed by Robert Hayes, who is the manager of the band. According to a report, Steve died because of liver failure. 

The tragic life behind the dazzling limelight, Steve Harwell, left a void.  The death of his infant and then his wife leaving him made his life hard to bear. However, many people are unaware of Stave Harwell’s Wife, Michelle Laroque, and exactly who she is. 

Steve Harwell And Michele Larogue Relationship 

While Steve tried to keep his life away from the media. The artist was not vocal about his wife in public, keeping the relationship private. 

According to the news, Steve married his wife Michelle in the 2000s.  Not much information has been public regarding his wife or her career. 

In 2001, The couple welcomed their son, Presley Scott. After his birth, Steve’s son was diagnosed with acute Lymphocytic leukemia. As time started to pass, his condition started to degrade, resulting in his death in the same year at the age of six months. 

Steve Harwell established a fund for medical research in memory of his child. The motive was to find the treatment, better research, and save more lives of children. 

According to Billboard, the couple only learned about the disease the day before their son died. This affected the life of Steve and Michelle and their marriage. After the infant’s death, they had no kids and decided to get divorced. 

Steve’s Relationship With Esther And Annette 

After the divorce from Michelle, Steve dated a few other women too. Like his previous relationship, he kept these two hidden from the public’s eyes. 

In 2019, Steve decided to get enraged with Esther Campbell. Later, in 2020, Easther filed a restraining order, accusing him of being mentally and verbally abusive.  Later, it was revealed his ex-finance also filed a restraining order against Steve in 2019 for alcohol abuse. 

She also claimed that he stole her car keys and destroyed the phone.  Easther alleged Michele is suffering from bipolar and not taking his medicine. After seeing the evidence, the court granted the temporary restraining order. 

In 2021, Steve started to date Annette Jones, and since then, they have been in love, living a blissful life. The couple decided to get married, but Steve’s condition worsened, leading to his demise on Monday. 

According to Annette, Steve died comfortably and peacefully at home. Unfortunately, there is not much information about their relationship for the public. 

Retired from Music, Steve was admitted to hospice after getting treatment for liver failure.  Due to excessive consumption and addiction to alcohol, the situation of the artist was degraded over time. 

According to EW, his condition was not improving, and the doctor declared his final stage, along with a week or so to live. Currently, his family and fans are dealing with the news together. 

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