Who Is Lil Tay Brother Jason Tian? Age, Parents, And Lil Tay Siblings

Who is Lil Tay Brother Jason Tian? This question is recently trending on Google because famous influencer Rapper Lil Tay, whose real name is Claire Hope has died at the age of 14 years only.

The viral teen influencer Lil Tay has died, she was an internet sensation in 2018 through viral videos where she played a character of a young rich girl, who bought costly expensive cars and flexed money.

Lil Tay’s half-brother Brox Hope shared the devasted news of Lil’s death on the social media account. “My Sister left the world and Our beloved Claire’s sudden death”

In the below, we talking about Lil Tay Brother Jason Tia, Siblings, parents and more.

Who is Lil Tay Brother Jason Tian?

Lil Tay was born to Christopher Hope (Father) and Angela Tian (Mother) in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. She had a biological brother named Jason Tian who was 22 years old when he passed away. 

What happened to Lil Tay Brother Jason Tian?

Lil’s brother Jason Tian had aspirations to be a rapper. He was in the limelight in 2021 when a report accused him of creating his sister Lil’s online personality. Jason also created a GoFundMe on behalf of his sister Lil. He passed away in 2018.

Who is Lil Tay Brother Jason Tian
Who is Lil Tay Brother Jason Tian

Jason Tian Age

Jason Tian passed away at the age of 22. 

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