Who Is Dr. ElAttrache Wife? Tricia ElAttrache, Age, Wiki, Kids, And Family

Who is Dr. ElAttrache Wife? This question has been searched online in recent times. Dr. ElAttrache is a surgeon who operated on Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Kobe Bryant.

Find out more about Dr. Neal ElAttrache Wife. His Married Life, Age, and more about Tricia ElAttrache.

Dr. ElAttrache is the most famous surgeon, who operated on many key players like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and many more. He did a great job by fixing the injuries of players. Because of this news, all the American citizens were searching for Dr. Neal ElAttrache’s Wife Tricia ElAttrache.

Dr. ElAttrache is an Orthopedic surgeon from Los Angeles. He has a clinic in his hometown and is currently also the Los Angeles Rams’ team doctor.

Who is Dr. ElAttrache Wife?

Dr. ElAttrache is married to  Tricia ElAttrache. She is the love life of Dr. Neal ElAttrache. She is the wife of Sports specialist doctor and orthopedic surgeon Neal ElAttrache.

Dr. ElAttrache also operated Late Bryant, who was the five-time champion, he also operated for seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady, and many more famous players.

Dr. ElAttrache is in love with Tricia. the age gap between this couple is very minor. You can this photo, that both look very young.

Who is Tricia ElAttrache? Wife of Dr. ElAttrache

Dr Neal ElAttrache’s wife Tricia ElAttrache. She is known for being the wife of the star orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist. She is a nurse by profession. She is not the only one who married to star, even he sister also married Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone.

Because of being from a nursing background, Tricia contributes to her husband’s career.

This couple’s love story started in the operating room at Kerlan-Jobe where she used to work as a nurse. They met through their mutual friends. Initially, Tricia did not agree to go out with him but eventually, he won her over.

Tricia ElAttrache Wiki, Age

Tricia Elattrache and her husband Dr Neal Elattrache have been blessed with three daughters named Nicole, Natalie, and Eva who all are involved in sports.

Tricia’s daughter Nicole played volleyball at Harvard Westlake and attended Duke University.

Tricia’s second daughter, Natalie was a sophomore at Harvard-Westlake. Eva is pursuing her high school studies.

Dr Neal’s wife Tricia has a nursing background.

Dr. ElAttrache Wiki, Bio

Dr Neal Elattrache was born between 1958 and 1961 in the United States of America. He is around 63 to 65 years old. His religion is Christian and holds American nationality. He is of mixed ethnicity. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame & the University of Pittsburgh.

Neal’s height is 5 feet 8 inches. His weight is 69 kg. He has black eyes and hair. His net worth is around $3 million.

Dr. ElAttrache Wiki
Dr. ElAttrache

FAQs on Dr. ElAttrache Wife

Q.1 Is Dr ElAttrache Married?

Ans. Yes, Dr. Neal ElAttrache is married.

Q.2 Who is Dr. ElAttrache Wife Married to?

Ans. Tricia ElAttrache.

Q.3 Who is Tricia ElAttrache?

Ans. She is known for being the wife of the star orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist. She is a nurse by profession.

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