Who Is Alabama Chase Shipman? White Man Speaks Out In Alabama Boat Brawl

Who is Alabama Chase Shipman?:- Chase Shipman is the famous owner of Vasser’s Mini Mart based in Selma, Alabama, America. He is currently in the limelight for his involvement in the Alabama boat brawl on August 6, 2023. The brawl reportedly originated when a pontoon boat blocked the path of the Harriet II riverboat.

The confrontation escalated into a physical brawl in which both black and white people were involved. As groups of men joined the fight, onlookers at the scene encouraged the fight, further worsening the situation.

Several such videos have circulated online which show not only men but also women behaving unruly. In a video clip, a man is seen swinging chairs and hitting members of the opposing group. Some individuals lauded their actions online without realizing the potentially life-threatening consequences of such behavior.

Who is Alabama Chase Shipman? White man speaks out in Alabama boat brawl

He is the owner of a local convenience store. He has spoken out after being accused of lying about his alleged involvement in a brawl that broke out after a black Dock employee was assaulted by a group of white men in Montgomery, Alabama.

Chase Shipman is the owner of Vassar Mini Mart in Selma. He has also acknowledged in a since-deleted Facebook post that he was present during the incident, but denied involvement in the violence that was caught on camera.

Polis said the fighting began on the Montgomery Riverfront around 7 p.m. on Saturday

A brawl broke out on Saturday, August 5 at Montgomery Riverfront Park in Alabama. This incident involved a confrontation between a black dock worker and a group of white individuals.

According to USA reporters, The security guard assigned to the dock directed a group of white men on a pontoon boat to move it.

Sir Maejor, a Black albino actor and model, tweeted:

“After he attacked and beat an innocent black Riverfront Park employee he tried to flee on foot and trick The Montgomery Police Department as if he wasn’t a part of the race brawl,”

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