Who Is Aaren Rudolph? Age, Video, Black Aquaman, Girlfriend And Parents

Who is Aaren Rudolph as Black Aquaman? What did Aaren Rudolph from the riverfront brawl do? A 16-year-old boy recently got attention from all over social media.

Aaren Rudolph recently did a heroic moment, where he helps a black security guard from some white folks.

He swims across the river to help the security guard from the folks. He supports the guard and people call him now “Black Aquaman” because Aquaman is a Marvel hero, who lives in water and helps people.

Introduction: Who is Aaren Rudolph?

Name Aaren Rudolph
Age 16 Years
Who he so famous? He Helps a black security guard, who was under attack
People Called him as “Black Aquaman”
Profession Student
Birthplace Alabama
Nationality American
Ethnicity African
Does He have any Girlfriend? Nope
Parents Name Not Known

All About Black Aquaman Aaren Rudolph

Aaren Rudolph was born in 2007 in Alabama. He is 16 Years old and already gained full attention from all over the world.

He helps some security guards, who were beaten by some white folks. He did things like our superpowers do. But he swam the river just to help them and his video went viral on the internet.

In the viral video we see, he has been swimming across the river and helping the black security guard. His bravery act will be remembered for a long time.

Aaren Rudolph Video, Heroic Moment

In the video, Aaren has been helping a Black security guard, who has been attacked by white folks. The guard was beaten by chairs and other things.

He can swim like a pro and his body and physique looks like he is a athlete.

Aaren Rudolph Family Background

The family and parents’ details are not revealed yet. He is from Alabama and 16-year-old son to his parents. This is the proud moment of his parents, he did heroic things, and all the netizens of America were praising him.

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