Who Are Iwona Lewandowska Parents? The Role Of Her Parents In Her Life

Iwona Lewandowska ParentsYou might be wondering who is this Iwona Lewandowska, or maybe thinking, who are Iwona Lewandowska’s parents? 

This surname might remind you of the professional football player Robert Lewandowski. Well, you are close to the answer. 

Let’s find out about Iwona Lewandowska, her connection with Robert Lewandowska, and everything you need to know about her. 

Who are Iwona Lewandowska Parents? The Role of Her Parents in Her Life

The professional athlete herself hasn’t revealed any information regarding her parents, siblings, or family members. 

So far, we know about her career as a Marathon runner, raising an athletic son who grew up to become Robert Lewandoska, Poland’s popular footballer. 

Iwona has kept herself more reserved from the media, which includes her relatives and any information regarding them. 

Who is Iwona Lewandowska? 

Iwona Lewandowska-Bernadelli is a Polish long-distance runner who is primarily known for her successful endeavors in marathons. 

She was born on 19 February 1985 in Lipno, Poland, and competed in the women’s marathon at the Summer Olympics in 2016. 

She is a one-time National champion and winner at the World Military Games as well. 

Who Is Connection Between Iwona lewandowska and Robert Lewandowska?

She is a parent herself to another famous sportsperson from Poland. 

Iwona Lewadowska is popularly known as the mother of the Poland national football team captain, Robert Lewandowski. 

He is also the striker for the Bundesliga club Bayern Munich. Iwona’s husband, the father of Robert, was Krzysztof Lewandowski. 

Robert’s father was a Polish judo champion and also a football player in the second division for Hutnik Warsaw.

Iwona played a critical role in the life professional life of Robert. 

Who is Husband of Iwona Lewandowska? 

As mentioned, her husband, the father of Robert Lewandowska, was a Polish judo champion named Krystof Lewandowska. 

He was also a second-division football player who won several matches and was a star who played for Hutnik Warsaw. 

Iwona lost her husband in 2015, where she shared the reason for the demise of Robert’s father. She revealed that Krystof had been struggling with cancer for a long time. 

Recently, in an interview, she talked about how she has found love again after 16 years of his husband’s demise.  

She had two children: one is obviously the Poland footballer Robert Lewandowska, and the other a daughter, Milena Lewandowska. 

Her daughter Milena is also an athlete, like her mother, father, and brother. She is a volleyball player who has also proudly represented her country at the U21 level. 

Iwona Lewandowska Husband
Iwona Lewandowska with her late Husband

Who is Iwona Lewandowska’s Daughter-in-law?

Iwona Lewandowska’s daughter-in-law, the wife of Robert Lewandowska, is Anna Lewandowska. She is a fitness entrepreneur and also a martial artist. 

She seems to welcome another sports and fitness enthusiast into her family. 

Anna has represented her country in the World Championship in Karate, winning 29 medals in total. 

She is also a professional nutrition specialist with a popular blog called ‘Healthy Plan by Ann’ that she released in 2010. 

Iwona Lewandowska’s daughter-in-law is also a woman who ranks number 22 when it comes to the list of wealthiest women in Poland. 

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