What Happened To Coryxkenshin?

What Happened To Coryxkenshin?:- Coryxkenshin is a well-known American YouTuber. He started his YouTube channel on April 26, 2009. He is also recognized for the comedic dramas of horror games, Williams was ranked the fourth top producer in the United States in 2021. His channel crossed over sixteen million subscribers on June 2023.

He is also known by his birth name Cory DeVante Williams. He started his uploading video on YouTube in 2009. He went on to create the “Spooky Scary Sunday” series as well as starring in popular horror games such as Five Nights at Freddy’s (2014) and Bloodborne (2015).

His a famous video of the rhythm game Friday Night Funkin’ (2020), and this video became the fifth most-viewed video in the United States in 2021.

What Happened To Coryxkenshin?

Coryxkenshin has over 13 million subscribers on YouTube at present. The YouTuber Coryxkenshin didn’t post any new videos for 2 years. His other intervals ranged from a few days to several months. He uploaded a video on his channel a month ago.

He confirmed that he has ectodermal dysplasia, a genetic disorder that affects approximately 7,000 people worldwide. This is the reason why Corey has no hair on his arms and legs and also has space in his teeth. He also wanted to talk to the samurai about his disorder because he felt comfortable with them.

Is YouTuber CoryxKenshin Dead?

Coryxkenshin is not dead. He revealed that he has ectodermal dysplasia, a genetic disorder that affects. Many of his fans are under stress. He is alive now.

Is CoryxKenshin Retired From YouTube?

It is not confirmed, whether he is retired from YouTube or not. He has taken a break from his youtube channel. Because he didn’t stop uploading videos in 2016 without any prior notice. He uploaded his last video a month ago.

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