What Did King Charles Inherit From Queen Elizabeth?

When discussing royal assets, there are two designations — privately owned by the family, or owned by the nation and overseen by the monarch. For example, Queen Elizabeth II owned her private jewelry collection, and left those items to King Charles III upon her death (falling into the first category). Firmly sitting in the second category is the Royal Collection, an accumulation of art, objects, sculptures, books, and historical artifacts. The Royal Collection did not belong to the queen personally, but as monarch, she oversaw its entirety. According to its spokesperson, “It is held in trust by the queen as sovereign for her successors and the nation. It is not owned by her as a private individual.”As such, Charles inherited the role from his mother, and is now in charge of the impressive assortment of items.

Breaking down the assemblage in its entirety, the Royal Collection is made up of furniture, historic armor, archival items, books, photographs, 7,600 paintings, 500,000 drawings, 2,000 miniatures, and the Crown Jewels. It has grown throughout a 500-year time period, and is representative of past monarchs and staples of the royal family.

Post source: The List


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