Violent taste Lyrics – lil skele

Violent taste Lyrics by lil skele is latest English song

Violent taste Song Detail

Song TitleViolent taste
Singer(s)lil skele
Musician(s)michael harrison
Lyricist(s)lil skele

[Lyrics of Violent taste by lil skele]

Do I deserve to be this broken?
I must’ve done something wrong
And when I speak I feel like choking
It must’ve been all my fault
I love him more
Than I love myself
I’ll endure what he gives me
Nothing can change my mind
Nothing I won’t sacrifice

You’ve got such a violent taste now
Is that what it takes to turn you on?
He want me to pour my veins out
Is that what it takes to be your crush?
I’ll keep a compliant face now
You know I would hate to make you stop
I’ll be so silent stay down
If that’s what it takes to be what you want
(Be what you want)

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