You are currently viewing How God Of Time, Kala Bhairava – Helps End Your Bad Times

How God Of Time, Kala Bhairava – Helps End Your Bad Times

Dr. Pillai invites you to partake in Kala Bhairava’s Birthday, when Kala Bhairava’s power to change your destiny easily.

01:48 Chant For Kala Bhairava:

Dr. Pillai: Is there a ‘God of Time’? Yes. There is one. He manufactures time not only for the Earth plane, he manufactures time for all the galaxies, different galaxies have different time metrics. The time metrics is dependent on the vibrations of the planet, we vibrate at a very low speed so time is prolonged.

What is time? Our concepts of time have changed. Newton thought that time is absolute and Einstein came and proved he’s wrong; time is relative.

Kala Bhairava’s Birth
But now the birth of Kala Bhairava is going to move further than Einstein taking time out of the domain of Physics to the domain of Meta Physics and then teach us how time is appreciated and also put us in touch with the ‘God of Time’ and being in touch with him, being able to go to different place in different times through esoteric practices.

Time Secrets of The Yogis
The Yogis knew about it, they have practiced it, they are still doing it but now they are almost extinct; but then they are all coming back to teach us who is Kala Bhairava, the ‘God of Time’.

The Greek also had a God of Time called the ‘Khronos’.

Everyone of us should take advantage of it because we don’t want slow time. For instance, we don’t want to get paid only at the end of the month. You can get paid everyday. There is a Rig Vedic chant which says I want money everyday but in a noble way.

01:48 Chant For Kala Bhairava: every day I want to get money.

What disallows you from thinking in terms of getting a check everyday is your old concensus concept of slow time. We should put an end to that. Kala Bhairava who is the God of Time is going to put an end to that, especially at this time when we are moving from an ignorant life to an enlightened life due to the Golden Age. So we are planning different things and look forward to look at AstroVed and also Pillai Centers. They will have both programs to welcome Kala Bhairava and it happens on an 8th Moon, it is very auspicious which the Moon of Kala Bhairava and it is his Birthday. So we are going to celebrate it in a very grand manner because we are into the Golden Age.

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How God Of Time, Kala Bhairava – Helps End Your Bad Times
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