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A Safer Sacrifice: Eid ul-Adha

This program is facilitated by Sean Kaufman, CEO and Founding Partner of Safer Behaviors (USA).

Celebrating a supreme act of faith – this day honors Abraham’s willingness to slay his son at Allah’s request. The Qu’ran quotes the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as saying: “On the 10th of al-Hijjah, there is no better act in the view of Allah than shedding the blood. Hence you should offer it in good spirit.”

This year, we are hoping to provide information allowing those who perform the sacrifice and process the animal to be protected from a very dangerous zoonotic disease – Crimean-Congo Hemorragic Fever (CCHF).

This talk will discuss CCHF risk factors, strategies which can be taken to perform safer sacrifices, and tips for providing information to others who may be at high risk for zoonotic disease transmission.

We look forward to serving you.
A Safer Sacrifice: Eid ul-Adha
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