Trio blitz a TV in a massive blender. Watch

A video of three men blending a television set in a massive blender they built has gone viral on social media. It was shared on an Instagram page called How Ridiculous, managed by Brett Stanford, Derek Herron, and Scott Gaunson, from Australia.

The image shows a massive blender with a huge blade. (Instagram/@howridiculous)
The image shows a massive blender with a huge blade. (Instagram/@howridiculous)

“Blending our TV,” reads the caption posted along with the video on Instagram. The video opens to show a man introducing the blender and saying how he, along with his team, is going to put a television inside it. He then goes on to do exactly just that. The video shows the huge blade of the blender crushing the device into pieces.

The video was shared just two days ago. Since being shared, the video has collected close to 3.5 lakh views and counting. The clip has also accumulated nearly 14,000 likes. People posted various comments while reacting to the video.

“World’s biggest smoothie, coming right up,” posted an Instagram user. “Forgot the ice and bananas, smh,” shared another. “You guys are hilarious,” expressed a third. “It’s exciting for me,” commented a fourth. “You guys always wake up the little child in me with your videos. I’m very thankful for that,” wrote a fifth. What are your thoughts on this video of the huge blender?

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