Strictly Come Dancing Revealed’ She Was Nearly Killed’

Amy Dowden recently appeared on the National Television Awards’s red carpet on Tuesday evening. Wearing a dusty pink gown with a bright smile, the Dancer made her first appearance after being diagnosed with breast cancer.  With that, she wore a pin to show her support for breast cancer awareness.

The Strictly Come Dancing star was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. She previously had to undergo a double mastectomy in July. Well, Amy is still battling with her illness and continuing her treatment. 

During her interviews and with the help of her social media, Dowden shared her updates about her life-threatening disease and how her illness almost killed her.

Amy Dowden Illness
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Who Is Amy Dowden? Personal Life

Amy Dowden was born on 10 August 1990, and she is a professional ballroom and Latin American Dancer. Amy and her partner, Ben Jones, are also former champions of Britain’s National Latin Dance. The Dancer has the Guinness world record on her name for most back Charleston kick steps in 30  seconds. 

She gained recognition when Amy appeared on BBC One’s television show Strictly Come Dancing. Dowden joined the show in 2017. Amy was also a finalist in the Seventeen series with Karim Zeroual. 

What Illness Does Amy Dowden Have?

Dowden shared that she has had Crohn’s disease since childhood.  The condition affected her career along with her life. In her documentary aired on BBC in 2020, Amy talked about her life living with such conditions. The documentary also received a BAFTA Cymru award. 

In May 2023, Dowden took her social media to announce her grade III breast cancer. For the treatment, she had to undergo a mastectomy. 

Later in July,  she was again diagnosed with another type of cancer. Because of that, Amy didn’t participate in Series 21 of Strictly Come Dancing as she had to leave for her chemotherapy.

In August 2023, Amy contracted Sepsis while she finished her chemotherapy’s first round. Her symptoms suddenly worsened, and it was fast, her parents said during an interview. She was sent to the hospital quickly and had to stay in intensive care. At that time, Amy had a high temperature. 

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Even though Sepsis can be deadly for anyone, it can be particularly life-threatening for people like Amy, who is undergoing treatment and has a bad immune system. 

Amy managed to overcome that. Later, she and her parents thanked the staff and other people because of whom she was saved. 

How’s Amy Dowden’s Condition?

The 32-year-old Dancer is currently undergoing breast cancer treatment. According to the Yorkshire Live reports Amy’s condition affects her eating and sleeping ability. However, she keeps sharing her treatment and health on her social media, discussing the updates and raising awareness.

On 5 August, she shared a post on Instagram thanking her fans and people wishing her good health. Also talked about her sickness on Thursday evening, as she felt weird like never before.

Amy’s mom also had breast cancer, but she was in her late 50s, unlike Amy. Talking about it, The Welsh pro said she didn’t know that it would happen so early for her.


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