Richest Serie A Clubs by Market Value

There was a time when the Serie A clubs were dominating European and World football. But, things changed in the past years as we saw the downfall of the legendary Italian clubs. The English and Spanish teams are now on top of this sport, as well as on the market.

However, the Serie A clubs have been pushing really hard recently, which you can see in the European competitions. There was an Italian club in every European final in season 2022/23. This greatly increased the value of the clubs on the market. Here are the richest Serie A clubs right now.

Juventus (£1.7 Billion)

By far the richest club in Serie A is Juventus, who made some very smart decisions during the decline of Italian football. It has been the most valued Italian football brand for several years now. You should also know that Juventus is in the 11th place on the list of richest clubs in the world.

Juventus started to increase its market value exponentially after building its own stadium in 2011. Here we must not that many Serie A clubs don’t actually own a stadium. And most of them that do have one are pretty old and not very economical.

We must also mention that the Agnelli family is the majority owner of the club. They are among the wealthiest Italians in the world with an estimated net worth of £10.6 billion.

The club is currently in some sort of crisis following a financial scandal. Serie A deducted them 15 points last season while UEFA fined them £17 million and a one-year ban.

AC Milan (£1.1 Billion)

In the 2nd place, we have AC Milan, who is also the 14th most valued club in the world. This team struggled for over a decade, missing out on European competitions and playing poorly on the pitch. All of these made it difficult to generate a good amount of money and attract the best players.

Chinese owner Li Yonghong tried to restore its greatness but failed miserably. Then, Elliot Management Corporation took AC Milan from him and started revolutionising the club. Under their leadership, AC Milan managed to win the Italian league against all Serie A predictions.

Elliot also got a hefty profit after selling the club to RedBird Capital Partners for around £1 billion. Now, the club is taking a different approach and trying to stay competitive in the market. The new management is also pushing for a new stadium, which they would have 100% ownership of. 

Inter Milan (£811 Million)

Next up, we have Inter Milan, who is another legendary club that has struggled a lot, just like its rivals. This club is also in 16th place on Fobes’ list of the most valued football clubs. Inter’s downfall started not long after winning the treble in season 2009/10. After that, it took them 11 years to retake the Serie A trophy.

Also, they managed to reach the Champions League final last season, 13 years after their magical win. However, this also shows that they successfully managed to overcome their tough period. It took them more than a decade, but it is still a major achievement.

In fact, Inter has spend only €205.6 million in the past 3 seasons. That pales in comparison to the €405.24 that Juventus has in the past 3 seasons. 

We must also point out that Inter Milan has Chinese owners, who aren’t doing very great lately. The Chinese government is blocking domestic investors from taking money out of the country. This makes things very difficult for the club, which is failing to stay competitive in the transfer market.

AS Roma (£570 Million)

AS Roma is the 4th richest club in Italy and the 27th most valuable team in the world. Newer generations don’t remember the glorious Roma who was among the best clubs in Europe in the 80s and 90s. 

However, this team from Rome doesn’t differentiate from the other Italian clubs in terms of downfall. The last time it won the Serie A was back in season 2000/01. Since then, it has mostly competed for a spot that will take it to European competition.

Things somewhat changed when Jose Mourinho took over the manager spot. He is doing an incredible job at AS Roma with almost no transfer budget available. This legendary coach went on to win the European Conference League in 2021/22. He also reached the Europa League final last season.

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