Rakhi Sawant Is The Biggest Mistake Of My Life

Adil Khan Durrani, husband of Rakhi Sawant is back in Mumbai from Mysuru Jial. He was in Jail for five months, and the complaint was filed by Rakhi accusing him of Fraud and cheating.

Adil was first detained by the Mumbai police on February 7, and he was arrested on the same day. Rakhi also accused him for rape. 

After releasing from Jail, Adil says, “All these accusations are baseless. Rakhi had threatened to ruin my life and she did that.”

He says Rakhi was cheating on him with her husband Ritesh and they take all money and everything.

Adil Khan Durrani recently did a press conference and said She married to Ritesh first and then married to me.

Salman Khan told me everything and all was scripted by Rakhi. She used me for money and Rakhi took his money in the name of her mother.

She cried in front of everyone that, her mother is suffering from cancer and took money.

On Monday 21st August 2022, Adil Khan Durrani made several claims against Rakhi. He said it was Rakhi’s choice to convert to Islam and her family accepted this. I am coming from simple background and iImet Rakhi through a mutual friend in Mumbai.


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