Study motivation for your dreams! With quotes by famous people…( kdrama+cdrama)

Another motivation video…
Hope this motivates you all though it’s a little bit long…💙

Rivers know this: there is no hurry.
We shall get there someday!
—A.A Milne

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0:00 Skate into love
0:27 A teen
0:37 Flourish in time
0:46 Dr. romantic season-2
1:02 A teen
1:14 Waiting for rain
1:46 Flourish in time
1:54 A teen
2:00 Waiting for rain
2:12 Skate into love
2:24 Waiting for rain
2:40 A teen
3:07 Flourish in time
3:28 A teen
3:34 Don’t disturb my study
3:46 Waiting for rain
3:51 A river runs through it
4:01 Waiting for rain
4:20 Don’t disturb my study
4:36 Flourish in time
4:42 Meeting you
4:48 Put your head on my shoulder
4:54 A teen
4:59 Meeting you
5:02 Put your head on my shoulder
5:06 Meeting you
5:14 Skate into love

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Track:Luke Bergs – Soul Searching (feat. Jenna Evans)

Track: Superman by Damtaro

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