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Greatest Motivational Quotes Ever (Calmly Spoken)

Collection of some of the Greatest Motivational Quotes Ever to help inspire you to work harder, overcome adversity, stay positive and keep going.
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This is an original production and narration calmly spoken by Calm Motivation to help educate you about life and motivate you during hard times. The quotes come from the greatest thinkers, writers and doers throughout history.

For voiceover requests or collaboration enquiries feel free to contact me.

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Calm MOTIVATION provides calmly spoken motivational quotes, sayings, statements and positive affirmations to help inspire and motivate you. I started this channel to help relieve my personal anxiety. I hope it helps you find inner peace and strength.

To whoever is reading this, I wish you health and happiness. I believe in you. I believe that no matter what situation you are in, you have the capacity to change and grow and succeed… when you decide to do so. I know you can find happiness!

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