Prabhu Thilak Wife, Retired IPS Tilakavathy’s Son, Who Is Shruti?

Prabhu Thilak Wife, Who is Prabhu Thilak Wife? Is Prabhu Thilak Married? Who is Prabhu Thilak? This article is based on Prabhu Thilak’s personal life. There are so many articles on the internet that are related to Prabhu Thilak’s personal life but this article has some untold facts about his personal life so read this article till the end. 

Prabhu Thilak is well-known as the son of retired DGP Thilakavathy. Prabhu is a doctor and Professor at Salem Vinayaka Mission Medical College.

He is a Professor of Anaesthesiology and Interventional Pain.

His Wife Arrested without giving any reason in the name of investigation.

Prabhu Thilak Wife

Prabhu Thilak Wife
Prabhu Thilak Wife

Prabhu Thilak is a Married. His wife’s name is Shruti, she is a Lawyer. They married in 2007.

His Wife said;” I don’t like his actions since marriage. Both had a difference of opinion. But I endured everything for the sake of the children”.

His Wife said; Prabhu had an abusive relationship with a female doctor who worked with him.

His Wife Said “Since the woman was a doctor and a family friend, I had no doubts at first. One day, the woman doctor came home with her husband drunk

In the middle of the night, the lady doctor and my husband were having an abusive relationship in the same bed. I was shocked to see this”.

Both of them apologized to me saying that if we say this, our family honor will be lost. I told my mother-in-law Thilakavathy about this. Whatever makes my son happy, he stays.

Later He and his wife went to Chennai and Lived there.

Shruti said his husband is having an affair with a girl there too.

Shruti said; “The woman will stay in Australia for 6 months and in Tamil Nadu for 6 months. The lady was living on rent in the house on the floor of our house”.

His Wife said “At first I thought that my husband was being friendly with her. It later came to light that he was having an affair with that girl. He condemned me and beat me. His face swelled up when he attacked me last December”.

She filed a complaint with the Chennai Metropolitan Police.

Prabhu apologized saying that he beat his wife without her knowledge, so they left without filing a case.

Now Shruti’s friend and lawyer Priya has alleged that the police have arrested Shruti, an ailing lawyer, without giving any reason in the name of the investigation.

He and his wife have together two Children one daughter and one son whose name is under review.

FAQ About Prabhu Thilak Wife

Q.1 Who is Prabhu Thilak Wife?

Ans. Prabhu Thilak’s wife’s name is Shruti, she is a Lawyer.

Q.2 Is Prabhu Thilak Married?

Ans. Yes, Prabhu Thilak is a married man.

Q.3 Does Prabhu Thilak have any Kids?

Ans. Prabhu Thilak has two kids whose names are under review.

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