Paris Hilton holidays 30 km away from tragedy struck Maui, faces backlash

In the midst of devastating wildfires and urgent pleas from Hawaiian officials for tourists to evacuate, Paris Hilton was captured on a blissful beach vacation in Maui with her husband and son. The hotel heiress, known for her frequent visits to Hawaii, was spotted at a resort in Wailea, merely 30 miles from the ravaged town of Lahaina. The wildfires have turned this paradise into the site of the worst wildfire disaster the United States has seen in a century, claiming the lives of 96 individuals.

Paris Hilton vacations in wildfire-stricken Hawaii, sparking debate on tourist responsibility amidst disaster. (Twitter)
Paris Hilton vacations in wildfire-stricken Hawaii, sparking debate on tourist responsibility amidst disaster. (Twitter)

Hilton’s decision to continue her vacation on the island has raised eyebrows, given the dire situation just a stone’s throw away. The fires have left a trail of destruction, wiping out over 2,200 buildings in West Maui and causing estimated damages nearing $6 billion across the island. A smaller fire was still burning just five miles from Hilton’s chosen vacation spot.

While the star’s sun-soaked escapade may seem disheartening, insiders have revealed her behind-the-scenes efforts to assist the affected communities. A source close to Hilton shared, “She has been absolutely helping. Maui has always held a special place in her heart. She has been gathering supplies and taking them to shelters and those who need. She already did and continues to do so.”

Despite the tragic backdrop, Hilton was seen smiling and sharing tender moments with her husband and infant son. Her presence on the island during this crisis highlights the tension between tourism and disaster recovery efforts. The Hawaii Tourism Authority had requested tourists to leave in order to prioritize the recovery of residents and communities impacted by the wildfires.

Hilton’s vacation, as controversial as it may be, raises important questions about the delicate balance between tourism and supporting local communities in times of crisis. The heartbreakingly contrasting images of families grieving and tourists vacationing underline the two sides of Hawaii’s current reality.

The island’s appeal to travelers is undeniable, and celebrities like Jason Momoa have joined local authorities in urging tourists to stay away temporarily to allow the healing process to unfold. In a plea to visitors, Momoa stated, “Maui is not the place to have your vacation right now… That means the less visitors on the island taking up critical resources that have become extremely limited the better.”

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