Ophelia Drowning Lyrics Gary Kemp Lyrics

There are dreams, there are times you are drowning in my mind Ophelia.
Just below, such a sin, you are underneath my skin Ophelia.
I can see you through the film but I can’t stop you slipping deeper still; like a tide in a bay, your thoughts just beat away, Ophelia.
And there you are, smiling through the years in black and white, like shadows on a grave.
And there am I am holding on to you, not knowing then that you were always drifting away.
Oh you hope, desperately, but you know that this city’s gonna pull you down.
You feel pain in this world and so you turn away and go back underground.
You could part the waves with words but some don’t like to look that deep;
no surprise that your life has left your sea-cold eyes.

Ophelia. And there you are, painting on your face, but sinking now, like a water-coloured sun.
And there I am, holding on to you , not knowing then you were always drifting away.
You were always drifting ….

Gary Kemp Lyrics

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