Odd Jobs To Entrepreneurship, Ajay Gupta’s Kebab Journey Is Inspiring Many Today – News18

Ajay Gupta, hailing from Hajipur, Bihar, is a living testament to the power of dedication and hard work in achieving success. His inspiring journey showcases the importance of patience and unwavering commitment to one’s goals.

Initially, Ajay was making ends meet in Delhi, earning a modest income of Rs 1540 from odd jobs. He harboured a dream of returning to his hometown and starting his own business. With determination as his driving force, he decided to leap.

Today, Ajay runs a thriving chicken kebab stall, a venture he started by purchasing around 20 kg of chicken. His business has blossomed, enabling him to earn nearly Rs 2000 regularly. In a heartwarming video, Ajay reflects on his past struggles in Delhi and contrasts them with the sense of accomplishment he now feels as a successful entrepreneur in his hometown.

Ajay’s story serves as a motivating call to action, encouraging individuals, even those comfortably employed in corporate roles, to explore entrepreneurship. He emphasizes the unique sense of freedom that comes with being self-employed, a sentiment that has enriched his life.

Customers at Ajay’s stall are visibly delighted with the quantity and quality of his food offerings. His chicken kebabs, priced at Rs 60 per plate, containing 9 to 10 pieces, have struck a chord with patrons, resulting in strong demand. As a result, Ajay enjoys a healthy profit margin and a growing customer base.

The inspiration for Ajay’s business venture originated during his time in Delhi when he observed the popularity of chicken kebab stalls. Upon returning to his hometown, he recognized the absence of such establishments and seized the opportunity to fill that gap in the market.

Ajay’s ambition doesn’t stop at his current success. In the video, he expresses his aspirations to expand his business and promote the entrepreneurial spirit among job seekers in his community. He relishes the newfound sense of control over his life and remains eager to learn and grow in his chosen field.


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