Neville Roy Singham Net Worth, US-based Millionaire Accused Of Promoting Chinese Propaganda In India

Neville Roy Singham Net WorthNeville Roy Singham is an American businessman and social activist. He is the found and former chairman of an IT consulting company ThoughtWorkds that provides custom software, software tools, and consulting services.

Recently, he has been accused of funding entities that spread Chinese propaganda in India and abroad while at the same time denying the Uyghur genocide and lobbying for Russian imperialism.

Neville Roy Singham Net Worth

Neville Roy Singham’s net worth is not known but he is a millionaire.

He owned 97% of the common stock of the company. He sold his company Thoughtworks to private equity firm Apax Partners in 2017 for $785 million. He also has business interests in Chinese companies in the food and consultancy market. British software developer Martin Fowler told,

While I was surprised to hear that he was selling the company, the news was not unexpected. Over the last few years Roy has been increasingly involved in his activist work, and spending little time running ThoughtWorks. … He’s been able to do this because he’s built a management team that’s capable of running the company largely without him. But as I saw him spend more energy on his activist work, it was apparent it would be appealing to him to accelerate that activism with the money that selling ThoughtWorks would bring.

Neville Roy Singham was born on 13 May 1954 to Archie Singham (Father) in the United States. He graduated from Howard University. Currently, he lives with his wife Jodie Evans in Shanghai along with their son Nathan Singham who works for the Tricontinental: Institute of Social Research.

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