Naira Marley Fight With MohBad, 7 Things No One Shall Tell You About The Conflict Between Naira And Mohbad

Naira Marley Fight With MohBadNaira Marley and Mohbad’s fight with each other has become a hot topic for the people as it went viral on the internet.

31-year-old Naira Marley is a British-Nigerian singer and songwriter who is known as the president of his controversial fan base, Marlians. At the age of 1, he moved to Peckham, England, and graduated with a distinction in Business from Peckham Academy. He holds a Business Law degree which was done from Crossways College.

27-year-old Mohbad was a Nigerian rapper, singer, and songwriter from Lagos. He signed to Naria Marley’s Marlians Records and he left the label in 2022.

MohBad accused Naira Marley of assault and he stated that his former boss ordered people to beat him up after his intention to employ a different manager to handle his music.

Naira Marley Fight With MohBad

MohBad and Naira Marley hailed from the same musical label Marlian Records. Their relations deteriorated in 2022 and they parted ways. Before being separated, they were described as the signs of Danger. Mohbad posted a post that indicated that he felt threatened and he was having issues with Naira and his group.

Mohbad posted images of himself from his hospital bed while he claimed to have been attacked.

As this all happened, people came to the internet to know the problems between them but there is no proof to support the widespread belief that their fight contributed to MohBad’s unfortunate death in September 2023.

It is still unknown what was the problem between them that they separated.

Once, They had a public argument which led them to their separation when Mohbad posted a message about safety and issues with Naria.

What happened to MohBad?

MohBad passed away due to an ear infection. He was getting the infection treatment at a hospital but he passed away on 12 Septemer 2023 at the age of 27. He was survived by his wife Wunmi and their son.

What happened to Naira Marley House?

As MohBad passed away, Naira Marley’s house was burned down following Mohbad’s death. Because Mohbad didn’t tell that he was getting infection treatment people think that Naira is the reason behind MohBad’s death.

A TikTok video of a burning house of Naira went viral on 14 September 2023. According to news outlets, Marley attacked the Peace singe Naira which led to their separation

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