Mum shares hilarious snap of her daughter before and after school and goes viral

Dressed in her tie, smart new blazer and shiny shoes, four-year-old Lyla McCullagh looks bright-eyed and raring to go on her first day at school.

In photos shared by her mum, Stacey McCullagh, Lyla can be seen waving enthusiastically with a broad smile on her face as she embarks on her school years.

But hours later, the picture is a lot different with Lyla lying exahusted across her mum’s lap, looking like she’s been through the mill.

Stacey shared the hilarious photos of her daughter with the Daily Record before and after her first day of primary school in Barrhead, East Renfrewshire last August.

Stacey told the same publication: “I felt a bit of mixed emotions because Lyla is my youngest and so it’s the last time I’ll get to do the first day of primary school.

“I was excited for her to go in though because she hadn’t stopped talking about it all summer.

“She kept saying she didn’t want to go to nursery anymore, she was ready for school. I think if she had been upset, it would have been different for me.”

Stacey and her older daughter Lucy Ann collected Lyla from school with the youngster complaining of feeling “so tired” all the way home.

Once home, Stacy realised she had lost her keys, so her two daughters waited on the doorstep for a few minutes while she searched for them.

When she returned she saw Lyla had passed out after a strenuous first day in the classroom.

Stacey woke her daughter up and took her into the house, where she slept on the sofa for an hour-and-a-half.

Despite her gruelling first day, Lyla woke up for school the next morning with no issues, but she did manage to injure her knee in the playground.

When she got home after school, she told her mum her knee was sore and tried to get the next day off school.

Stacey said: “I told her she couldn’t, but we did put plasters and various band aids on her knee to make her feel better. The whole thing has given us a good laugh.”

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