Mia Lee Sorensen Parents, Who Are Her Birth Parents? Husband, Children, Age

Mia Lee Sorensen Parents

35 years old Mia Lee Sorensen’s husband Mr. Sorensen found Mia Lee Sorensen’s biological parents. Mia Lee Sorensen was adopted by Danish parents (mother Lilian Hansen (73 years old) and father Bent Hansen (75 years old) ) who used to tell her that she was born in South Korea.

According to adoption papers, she was put up for adoption because her family couldn’t afford her medical bills and they wished for her to have a good future abroad. 

Mia Lee Sorensen was born prematurely in 1987 to South Korean parents. Her husband found her birth parents last year and her parents couldn’t believe that she was alive. 

Mia’s birth parents her that her biological mother had passed out during labor but later she woke up and was told that her baby had died. 

Mia’s biological parents thought that their baby was born prematurely that is why she might die as the doctor said. 

Mia’s parents were unaware of South Korea’s corrupt adoption system. The system put their baby for adoption. 

South Korea has the world’s most extensive diaspora of intercountry adoptees. Since The end of the Korean War in 1953, About 20000 children have been sent abroad to the US and Europe for adoption and their adoptions have continued today. 

Mia Lee Sorensen has a son named Elliot. She lives with her husband and children in Denmark with her Korean parents.

Mia Lee Sorensen Family
Mia Lee Sorensen with her son


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