Meghan Markle and Prince Harry show signs of ‘evolution’, expert claims

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry briefly appeared in a new video as part of the Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund’s award announcement, yesterday.

The royal couple’s Archewell Foundation is a founding member of an initiative that helps inspire change for the future of technology.

26 young people and organisations were selected, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were seen calling several of them to congratulate them on their award. spoke exclusively to body language expert Judi James who watched the video, and Meghan and Harry’s interactions.

Seemingly sitting outside on the terrace of their Montecito mansion, Meghan wore a stylish camel tank top and skirt, whilst Harry looked casual in a white shirt and beige trousers.

Judi said: “The garden setting and the tight proximity plus the subtly stylish but simple neutrals and casuals are all very on-brand for Harry and Meghan but their body language here suggests some sense of evolution.

“Their warm, beaming smiles would project ongoing happiness and pride in this particular cause. They look excited here and keen to register listening mode as they hear from some of their youth leaders.

“They role and status-swap to suggest mutual involvement rather than a solo project, with Harry taking the phone and splaying his leg and elbow to suggest growing confidence as the calls go on,” she added.

“He leans his head towards Meghan to suggest shared thought and his eyes do seem to be aimed at her as he is talking a couple of times.

“But the phone placement creates a bit of a bolster effect between them and we aren’t treated to any of their signature touch rituals in these clips, or, unusually, any of Meghan’s adoring gazes and eye contact.

“Their focus seems to be the callers as they hunch face-to-face in what looks like excitement.

“Happy then; still keen and still charmed by and charming towards the young people they encourage and endorse and still presenting as a double act seems to be the message only maybe without any distracting tie-signs here,” the expert added.

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