Mary Bednarek, Kenny Bednarek Mother, Natioanlity, Is Kenny Bednarek Polish?

Mary Bednarek is the mother of Silver Olympic Medalist Kenny Bednarek, who won in the 200 hurdles. Mary lives with her son and husband in Wisconsin, United States.

Kenny Bednarek is an American Sprinter who won a Silver medal in the Tokyo Olympics 200-meter men’s final sprint. He is a native of Rice Lake and finished the race with a 19.68 personal race time.

Kenny Bednarek also known as Kenneth Bednarek was adopted by Mary Bednarek, his mother.

Kenneth Bednarek’s Biological parents are not disclosed yet. His mom and dad gave him the best training from his childhood.

Kenny Bednarek’s Mother always supports him and now, he is the best Sprinter in the United States.

Who is Mary Bednarek? Kenny Bednarek Mother

Mary Bednarek is the adoptive mother of Kenny. She is not a real mother to Kenny, but she cares for him like a real mom. After adopting Kenny, She moved to the cold of Rice Lake, Wisconsin.

Kenny, may be Polish but Mary Bednarek’s Nationality is American.

Conclusion: Mary Bednarek, mother of Kenneth/Kenny Bednarek. She is not his real mother, but she adopted him and moved to Wisconsin, United States. ‘

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