Margot Robbie Set To Earn Enormous Payday Off Barbie’s Success

One of the biggest box office bonanzas of recent memory is «Barbie» starring Margot Robbie as the titular doll (or at least one of them), and Variety has the scoop that she’s going to earn a pretty hefty bonus thanks to those massive grosses. Robbie, who in addition to starring also serves as a producer, will earn $50 million in salary and box office bonuses according to a source familiar with her contract.

«Barbie» has earned almost $1.2 billion globally and its theatrical run is probably far from over, so $50 million more or less for the star and producer is very plausible, even if the precise details of her «Barbie» contract aren’t known to the public.

Another person who is likely seeing some big checks as a result of the success of «Barbie» is director Greta Gerwig, who Variety says also probably has some box office bonus incentives built into her contract, although they’re probably not as lucrative as movie star Robbie’s.

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

The list of «Barbie» box office accomplishments seems to grow every day. It’s the second highest grossing film released by Warner Bros., it’s the first billion-dollar grosser to be directed solely by a woman, and it’s almost in striking distance of being the biggest grosser of 2023, right behind «The Super Mario Bros. Movie.»

Robbie was one of the shepherds of the project, producing it through her LuckyChap Entertainment production company. Previous projects under the LuckyChap banner include «Promising Young Woman» and «Birds of Prey» (which starred Robbie). «Barbie,» is, of course, the biggest box office success to be produced by LuckyChap to date. It’s also the biggest box office hit of Robbie’s impressive career as a film star.

Robbie reportedly has plenty of reasons to celebrate what has been both a critical, commercial, and crowd-pleasing success, and «Barbie» isn’t even out of theaters yet. It’s been out for almost a month and it’s still the number one movie in America, so the money is going to keep rolling in for a while yet.

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