Leopard gets attacked by 50 baboons. Watch bone-chilling video

Several animal-related videos leave us with a shiver down our spine. And this video of a leopard getting attacked by 50 baboons will surely have the same impact on you.

Baboons attacking leopard in a wild chase.(YouTube/@LatestSightings)
Baboons attacking leopard in a wild chase.(YouTube/@LatestSightings)

This video was shared on the YouTube channel of Latest Sightings. In the caption of the post, the channel informed that Ricky da Fonseca originally shared this video. (Also Read: Baboons navigate a bridge to dodge lions. Can they outsmart the big cats?)

Fonesca told Latest Sightings, “We left on a late afternoon drive from Skukuza, eagerly hoping to catch another glimpse of the lions we had spotted earlier, but the bush had something even more special in store for us. We pulled to the side, surprised to see a male leopard leisurely strolling on the side of the road. As I repositioned for a better angle, that’s when I noticed a troop of baboons playing in the road ahead. This was getting exciting! Given the troop’s size, I thought to myself, there’s no way this leopard will be brave enough! But he surprised me. His curiosity seemed to get the better of him. The leopard stealthily disappeared into the grass on the roadside.”

Watch the video of the leopard getting attacked by 50 baboons here:

This post was shared just two days ago. Since being shared, it has been liked over 2,500 times. The share has also received several comments. Many were let stunned to see this video.

Here’s what people are saying about this viral video of a leopard getting attacked by baboons:

An individual wrote, “The one baboon that charged toward the leopard rather than running away needs a medal. I also didn’t know baboons got so big. Incredible footage.” A second commented, “That prime baboon was something special he ran the same way with the courage to attack that massive leopard, honestly they both are brave.” A third shared, “Incredible footage. The sounds that baboons did, oh my goodness, give me goosebumps.” “Leopard regretted making that decision very quickly I bet,” expressed a fifth.


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