Kourtney Kardashian enrages fans with post as they claim she’s ‘out of touch’

Kourtney Kardashian invited fans to read an article on her lifestyle blog, Poosh, about “how to become a morning person” – but it unintentionally incited fury.

The 44-year-old, who is currently expecting her fourth child, uploaded a picture of herself and husband Travis Barker lying in bed with a tray of tasty goodies on their laps.

“It’s 11.05am and you are clearly still in bed being served tea!” retorted one fan, suggesting that the pair’s staff were assisting them.

The follower scathingly went on: “Try: ‘How to become an early afternoon person with assistance.’ Or am I missing something?”

Another fan chimed in: “They definitely have a target audience and it’s not poor ppl. Most working ppl are staring at the clock waiting for lunch break at 11am.”(sic)

Others sounded even less happy, firing back that Kourtney was “pampered” and “wouldn’t survive waking up in the actual morning, before the sun rises”.

“Omg so out of touch I can’t!”(sic) one frustrated follower exclaimed, while another suggested: “She wants to feel relatable but she missed the mark completely.”

However, Kourtney – the older sister of Kim Kardashian – did admit to struggling with waking up when the alarm clock went off.

The first line of the article, published on her Poosh website, read: “Some people simply aren’t born as a natural ‘morning person’ (ourselves included).”

In the post, fans were advised to keep their phone and laptop away from the bedroom at night, schedule a work-out for the next morning to “sweat it out” and “increase productivity” and manifest their dreams by asking questions like: “What do I want to receive today?”

Some fans took a more light-hearted approach towards the article, with one joking: “She’s just WAY too punk to get up in the morning LOL,”(sic) in a reference to her Blink 182 drummer husband.

Meanwhile, another felt the criticism was too harsh, quizzing: “Are you forgetting that she’s pregnant?”

The proud mum-to-be already has three children – sons Mason, 13, and Reign, eight, plus daughter Penelope, 10 – with previous partner Scott Disick.

Her next child – and her first with Travis – is a baby boy, and Travis has teased that he already knows his name.

After initially revealing she’d struggled to get pregnant through IVF and that she felt the treatment had caused her to feel unwell and gain weight, Kourtney then surprised the world with her big announcement.

Mimicking the plot in one of Blink 182’s videos, for the band’s hit All The Small Things, Kourtney had stood at one of his shows carrying a sign reading: “Travis I’m Pregnant!”

When he caught sight of the sign, he jumped off stage to greet his wife and give her a kiss.

No exact date has been given for when Kourtney’s little boy is expected to arrive, but the pregnancy announcement was made in June.

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