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Gretchen Harrington Parents- Gretchen Harrington was an 8 Years old Girl. She went missing on 15 August 1975 and was found nearby in Ridley Creek State Park on Oct 14, 1975. Gretchen Harrington Parents

She was killed by a former Pastor David Zandstra.

Gretchen Harrington’s Parent’s name is Harold and Mrs.Harrington.

former pastor David was arrested on murder charges nearly 50 years after he was allegedly abducted on 24 July 2023.

Gretchen Harrington Parents ( Father, Mother )

Gretchen Harrington Parents
Gretchen Harrington Parents

Gretchen Harrington took birth in 1967 to her Parents. Gretchen Harrington’s Parent’s names are Harold Boyd Harrington ( Father ) and Ena Cover Harrington ( Mother).

His Father was a minister at another nearby Presbyterian congregation. His Father served as the Reverend at the Reformed Presbyterian Church. Her parents had been together for 59 years. 

She went missing around 9 a.m. on 15 August 1975, as she walked from her home to attend a summer Bible program at Trinity Chapel Christian Reformed Church.

Her Parents Zandstra’s church after learning their daughter never made it to class at around 11 a.m. on 15 August 1975.

Are Gretchen Harrington’s parents still alive?

Gretchen Harrington’s father is not alive. Her father passed away in 2021 at the age of 94. Gretchen’s mother and her three sisters are still alive.

Former Pastor Arrested in Murder Case of Gretchen Harrington

Former Pastor Killed 8 Years Old Girl
Former Pastor Killed 8 Years Old Girl

Former Pastor allegedly abducted Harrington in his car on 15 August 1975 drove her to a remote area and tried to get her to take off her clothes and when she refused, he allegedly beat her to death.

After disposing of the body of Harrington, He returned to the church and worked with his wife Margaret to help Harrington’s parents report her missing, Stollsteimer said.

David was the friend of Harrington’s Father.

David Zandstra is an 83 Years old man and now he is arrested and charged with the 1975 murder of Harrington after an alleged confession to Pennsylvania State Police. Harrington’s body was found two months later in Ridley Creek State Park.

Gretchen Harrington Siblings

Gretchen Harrington had three sisters named Zoe Harrington, H. Ann Myers, and Jessyca Harrington.

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FAQs About Gretchen Harrington Parents 

Q1. Who Are Gretchen Harrington’s Parents?

Ans. Gretchen Harrington’s Parent’s names are Harold Harrington ( Father ) and Ena Cover Harrington ( Mother ).

Q2. Where was Gretchen Harrington From? 

Ans. Gretchen Harrington was From Marple Township, Pennsylvania.

Q.3 How Old was Gretchen Harrington 

Ans. Gretchen Harrington was 8 Years old.


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