Jill Tucker Jeopardy Contestant Stats, Bio, Age, Wiki, Gender, Husband, Parents, Net Worth, And Instagram

Jill Tucker Jeopardy Contestant Stats, Bio – Jill Tucker is an operations manager from Mulino Muhlieno, Oregon. Jill is a Jeopardy contestant in Season 40. Jill placed 3rd place on the 28 January 2023 episode with a score of $21,100. She won the 11 September 2023 episode of Jeopardy and won with a total of $32,400 advancing to the Weekly Finals on Thursday and Friday!

In this article, you are about to know Jill Tucker Jeopardy Contestant Stats Bio, Age, Wiki, Gender, Husband, Parents, Net Worth, and Instagram. 

Jill Tucker Jeopardy Contestant Stats

Jeopardy’s season 40’s first game was aired on 11 September 2023 between Jill Tucker, Gabriel Ostler, and Derek Aleln who competed against each other. Jill Tucker won the Jeopardy on 11 September 2023.

In the first round, Derek gave 10 correct answers, Jill gave 9 correct answers, and Gabriel gave 5 correct answers. At the end of the first round, Derek stood at $6,200, Jill at $3,400, and Gabriel at $2,200.

In the second round, Jill stood at $16,200, Derek at $8,600, and Gabriel at $4,800. The final question came under the category of British Monarchs and the clue said,

“The most recent British monarch not to succeed a parent or a sibling was this ruler who succeeded an uncle.”

Jill Tucker and Derek responded correctly and they won $16,200 and $7,601 respectively.

The final results saw Jill with $32,400, Derek Allen with $16,201, and Gabriel Ostler with $0.

Jill Tucker Bio, Age, Wiki

Jill Tucker was born in Mulino, Oregon, United States but her exact date of birth is not known. She seems to be in her 50s. Her religion and zodiac sign are not known. She is well educated woman but her qualifications are not known. 

Jill Tucker Jeopardy Gender

Jill on Jeopardy is a woman. She is not a man. Although this question comes to mind because her looks don’t clarify her gender we are here to clear this query. She is female. 

Jill Tucker Husband, Children

Jill Tucker is not on Wikipedia and the related article to her personal life is not available on the Internet that’s why her marital status is not known. She may be married but no data is available on the internet to her husband and children. 

Jill Tucker Parents, Family

Jill Tucker was born to American parents but her parents’ names and their professional details are not known. 

Jill Tucker Ethnicity, Nationality

Jill Tucker’s ethnicity is White. She holds American nationality. 

Jill Tucker Height, Weight

Jill Tucker’s height and weight are not known. 

Jill Tucker Net Worth

Jill Tucker’s net worth is not known. 

Jill Tucker Instagram

Jill Tucker’s Instagram handle is not known. 

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