Janaki Kalaganaledu Serial Today Episode Written Update 

Janaki Kalaganaledu Serial Today Episode Written Update – Janaki Kalaganaledu is a Telugu-language television drama series that airs on Star Maa starting on March 22, 2021. Janaki Kalaganaledu Serial Today Episode Written Update 

The show is a remake of Diya Aur Baati Hum, a Hindi soap opera that aired on StarPlus. Priyanka Jain and Amardeep Chowdhary are the lead actors in the series. 

Janaki Kalaganaledu Serial Today Episode Written Update 

In today’s episode of Janaki Kalaganalu, something unexpected happened. Back when Janaki was a constable, she had a habit of meddling in everyone’s business, making them feel uncomfortable in their own homes. Eventually, Gyanamba had to make a difficult decision. 

However, when Janaki returned to the village as an IPS officer, Rama welcomed her with open arms, exclaiming “Athreyapuram Muddubidda. Welcome to Janaki IPS”. She was greeted with fireworks, traditional dances, and a shower of flowers. Even the MLA came to greet her. 

During today’s episode (July 27th), the MLA announces that they have arranged a civil honor for Janaki in recognition of her achievements, and she is invited to attend the ceremony that night. Janaki declines, stating that she doesn’t want any of it. The MLA is surprised and insists that she must attend, as it is her responsibility as an officer.

Janaki refuses to attend with him but instead chooses to speak with her father-in-law, Gyanamba. She asks for his help in convincing her that she should attend the ceremony. Everyone must come to Sanmanam that night, and it is their responsibility to bring Janaki along. Janaki Kalaganaledu Serial Today Episode Written Update 

Mallika voices her concerns about Janaki, who has recently become an IPS and is rumored to have disregarded her mother-in-law’s opinions. Mallika suggests that if their father-in-law fails to convince Janaki otherwise, they will be left without representation in politics.  Janaki Kalaganaledu Serial Today Episode Written Update 

Rama finds the situation amusing and encourages the MLA to honor Janaki by making arrangements for her to attend. The MLA ultimately advises Rama to support Janaki’s decision and reminds them that it is no longer acceptable to resort to violence against IPS officers.

As Janaki enters the house holding her trophy, Jessie and Vennela shower her with flowers in celebration. Gyanamba and Lilavati, the daughter-in-law of IPS Kodali, are also present. However, Lilavati is confused as to why Janaki is keeping her distance from Rama. She urges Janaki to come forward and take the dish. Rama interjects, stating that Janaki achieved the IPS through hard work and deserves the trophy. Despite this, people have been calling him an “IPS Mogudu” all morning. Nilavati encourages Janaki to come forward and take the trophy, which symbolizes her achievement. Janaki Kalaganaledu Serial Today Episode Written Update  Janaki Kalaganaledu Serial Today Episode Written Update 

Gyanamba’s heart is troubled when he hears people refer to IPS as Mogudu Rama. Meanwhile, Govindarajulu arrives and asks Janaki to stand next to him. Rama comes and stands beside Janaki, telling her that half of her victory is his as well. Janaki puts the trophy in Rama’s hands, and he kisses it in admiration.

Afterward, Gyanamba’s son and daughters-in-law cut the dish and send it to Malayalam. Meanwhile, Mallika brings Harathi’s plate and gives it to her, and Gnanamba completes the arati ceremony.

When Govindarajulu says Sarle is ready to come inside… Janaki is about to enter the house. Then Gyanamba says wait for a minute Janaki. With that word, the camera rotates for a while. What is the wisdom of stopping? What is left? Govindaraju says. She says, ‘I have to talk to Janaki.’ ‘Kadamma, we can talk after coming inside,’ says Rama. With this, Gyanamba says.. no.. we have to talk here now.. this is a very important matter.. a matter that will stick. 

Meanwhile, Janaki. ‘Don’t think anything, uncle.. say what you want to say.. don’t think at all. I will do anything after this family.. whatever you say. I will uphold your honor like a mother. Gyanamba says, ‘I find it so difficult to ask. I know it’s difficult for you to accept.. but it must be. Janaki says, ‘I must give my word. I will not back down. Then Gyanamba tells the real thing. It says, ‘When you cross the threshold and step inside… you should not wear your IPS hat’. Everyone will be shocked by that word. Janaki Kalaganaledu Serial Today Episode Written Update  Janaki Kalaganaledu Serial Today Episode Written Update 

Govindaraju says ok now why is all this knowledge.. let me come in.. then let’s talk. Gyanamba says ‘No.. let me talk’. Govindaraju shuts his mouth to the blow. ‘What is the job of a policeman? We saw firsthand when you were a constable. We all got embarrassed because of your job. Gyanamba doesn’t say anything other than saying this with the welfare of all of us in mind. After saying this, Mallika looked at him as if she was saying, ‘Ma Poleramma will give the speech at the night’s honor function here’. Janaki Kalaganaledu Serial Today Episode Written Update  Janaki Kalaganaledu Serial Today Episode Written Update 

Yes.. you are an IPS officer outside.. not at home.. in your behavior the status of an IPS officer should not be visible in this house. You should enter this house only as Rama’s wife. You should live as Rama’s wife. I have come to this decision only after thinking. There is no room for arguments in this. My word is the decree. Give me your word that you will do as I ask, Janaki’ says Gyanamba. This will drag on for a while. After the cameras are rolling. ‘What wisdom. If you don’t give a word, will you let me in?? Then why did you send him for IPS training? Now you are talking like this, it is not a method but a knowledge’ asks Govindaraju.

And Janaki.. as she was thinking of giving her word. ‘What are you thinking Janaki.. you will do something, won’t you.. did I ask you something that I shouldn’t have asked you? Tell me if you can’t. I will go inside. You can come inside happily’ says Gyanamba. With this, Janaki takes off the IPS hat on her head and promises Gyanamba. Such airy words have already given Jana a lot of weight. Later there are many cases where he misspoke and lied. But now again, she says, ‘Father-in-law, I promise you, I will remain the daughter-in-law of this house.’

Aunty, I thought for a long time not to give a promise. Maybe they don’t believe in me. I have been thinking for a while that what mistake has been made by me. I swear, Aunty. I will not bring trouble to my personal life because of my profession. I will protect the respect and manners of our house. Janaki Kalaganaledu Serial Today Episode Written Update 

Then Gyanamba asks to come inside the house. Mallika thinks that this Poleramma is not normal. And Govindarajulu. He says that you have done wrong, knowledge. 


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