Is Shirley Strawberry Husband In Jail? What Did Her Husband Do? What’s Going On With Him?

Is Shirley Strawberry Husband in Jail?Shirley Strawberry is a radio host and is best known as the co-host of the #1 urban radio morning show The Steve Harvey Morning Show. One time Steve Harvey said that Shirley had the best voice in radio Strawberry started her career in Chicago as co-host of The Doug Banks Show.

Is Shirley Strawberry Husband in Jail?

Yes, Radio Co-ost Shirley Strawberry’s husband Ernesto Williams is in jail. It is being said that her husband talked sweet talks to an unknown woman through the jail phone. It is also said that the unknown woman can be his mistress.

What did Shirley Strawberry’s husband do? What’s going on with Ernesto Williams?

Shirley revealed in an Instagram video that her husband Ernesto had been cheating on her for years and he lied to her about who he was and what his intentions were. She said that her husband Ernesto was using her name and credit to live a lavish lifestyle without her knowledge or consent.

Not only this, Shirley also said that she had affairs with some women whom he had impregnated. She knew about all this after hiring a private investigator to look into her husband. She was shocked after knowing about her husband’s reality and she was betrayed by what the investigator had uncovered.

Shirley Strawberry also revealed that her husband had been arrested for possession of a weapon. That’s why he has been completing his sentence of 23 months in prison.

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