Is Sarah Lancashire Married? Know Her Love Of Life

Is Sarah Lancashire married?: Hello visitors we’re welcome to our article which is totally based on Sarah Lancashire’s love life We’re covering all the information regarding her husband, children, and her ex-husband Gary Hargreaves so keep reading we are providing the information given below.  

Sarah-Jane Abigail Lancashire aka Sarah Lancashire is an actress from Oldham, United Kingdom and she gained amazing fame after playing the role on screen and stage. She got two British Academy Television Awards.

Sarah Lancashire was born on October 10, 1964. His birthplace is Oldham, United Kingdom, and holds English nationality. She is 58 years old as of 2022 October.

Sarah Lancashire was born to Geoffrey Lancashire (father) who was also a television scriptwriter for Coronation Street and also wrote situation comedies such as The Cuckoo Waltz.

Let’s talk about her mother Hilda who was the personal assistant of her father Geoffrey Lancashire. Sarah is not the only child of her parents she has three siblings one older, one younger, and a twin.

She has completed her education at Oldham Hulme Grammar School but things have changed and unfortunately, she suffered from clinical depression at the age of 17.

She joined the Guildhall School of Music and Drama where she realized that she loved acting, From there she learned a lot of things to polish her talent and she did it amazingly.

In 1986, Sarah graduated and found her time as a student to be “awesome” but “seriously hard work and quite intimidating”.

I think this introduction is enough to know about her work where she is from and what she did for the entertainment industry, There are still a lot of achievements left which we will describe in another article so let’s start our topic Which is completely based on her romantic life so stay connected we are describing all the information below.

Is Sarah Lancashire married? Know her love of life

Yes, Sarah Lancashire is a married woman. She was married twice at the time of writing this article she first got married to Gary Hargreaves in 1985 and after a few years later they parted ways in 1995. Five years later Sarah married Peter Salmon in 2001. 

From her first marriage, Gary Hargreaves and Sarah were blessed with two children together. Their first son (Thomas) was born in 1987 and after two years they again welcomed a son (Matthew) who was born in 1989.

From her second marriage, Peter Salmon and Sarah Lancashire were blessed with a son named Joseph Peter Salmon who was born in 2003.

Is Sarah Lancashire married? Husband, Children

 Sarah Lancashire’s Father- Geoffrey Lancashire


Geoffrey Lancashire was a television scriptwriter for Coronation Street and also wrote situation comedies such as The Cuckoo Waltz.
Sarah Lancashire’s mother – Hilda

Hilda was the personal assistant of her father Geoffrey Lancashire

Sarah Lancashire’s Siblings

Brother:- John Lancashire

Brother:- Simon Lancashire

Brother:- James Lancashire


She has three siblings and their names are John, Simon, and James.

Sarah Lancashire Wiki, Biography, Age

Full Name – Sarah Lancashire Sarah’s real name is Sarah-Jane Abigail Lancashire
Profession – English actress She is an English actress.
Date of Birth – August 27, 1952 She was born on October 10, 1964.
Birthplace -Oldham, United Kingdom Sarah Lancashire was born in Oldham, United Kingdom.
Aged – 58 years Sarah Lancashire is 58 years old.
Zodiac Sign – Virgo Her zodiac sign is Libra.
Religion – Christian She was born and grew up in a Christian family.

Is Sarah Lancashire married?

Martial Status – Married Sarah Lancashire’s marital status is married.
Ex-husband- Gary Hargreaves

Husband- Peter Salmon

She got married twice First she got married to Gary Hargreaves in 1985 and the ex-couple separated in 1995.

Sarah and Peter married in 2001. 

Sarah Lancashire Height, Weight


Height – 5 feet 8 inches She is 5 feet 6 inches tall.
Weight – 60 kg Sarah Lancashire’s weight is around 60 kg.

Sarah Lancashire Nationality

Nationality – British-English Sarah Lancashire holds British-English nationality.

Sarah Lancashire Net Worth, Salary

Net Worth – Around $5 Million dollars. Approximately $5 Million dollars.

Sarah Lancashire Social Media Links


Who is Gary Hargreaves?

Sarah Lancashire fell in love with her first serious boyfriend Gary Hargreaves who was a music lecturer. Gary Hargreaves was 11 years her senior. The ex-couple was married in 1985 and 10 years later in 1995 things didn’t go well as per the plan so they separated paths. 

Who is Peter Salmon?

Peter Salmon also works in the entertainment industry and is a television producer and executive from Burnley, United Kingdom. He is famous as the Chief Creative Officer of global content creator, producer, and distributor Endemol Shine Group, leading the company’s creative direction globally and overseeing the Group’s UK business.

FAQ About Is Sarah Lancashire married?

Q.1 Who is Sarah Lancashire?

Ans. Sarah Lancashire is a British actress.

Q.2 How old is Sarah Lancashire?

Ans. She was born on 10 October 1964.

Q.3 Who are Sarah Lancashire’s parents?

Ans. She was born to Geoffrey Lancashire (father), and Hilda (mother).

Q.4 What is Sarah Lancashire’s religion?

Ans. She follows the Christian religion.

Q.5 Where was Sarah Lancashire born?

Ans. Sarah was born in Oldham, United Kingdom.

Q.6  How tall is Sarah Lancashire‘s height?

Ans. Her height was around 5ft 6 inches. Is Sarah Lancashire married?

Q.7 Is Sarah Lancashire married?

Ans. Yes, English actress Sarah Lancashire is a married woman and her husband’s name is Peter Salmon who also works in the entertainment industry. Is Sarah Lancashire married?

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