Is Lee Burkhill Transgender? Partner, Husband, Is He Married?

Is Lee Burkhill Transgender? – Lee Burkhill is a garden designer. Lee is famous as Garden Ninja. He is based in North West England, Lee works in cities such as Manchester, Liverpool, and the surrounding areas. He has been also making headlines on the internet since appearing on the BBC One show Garden Rescue. He has also run his own YouTube channel named “Garden Ninja Limited”. 

He along with other gardeners, has joined forces to provide gardening tips on a television program.

In this article, you will know about Is Lee Burkhill Transgender? Partner, Husband, Is He Married?

Is Lee Burkhill Transgender?

Lee Burkill is identified as transgender. He shared publicly his identity as transgender on Twitter in November 2019 writing that he was bullied for being gay during his teenage years. However, the tweet doesn’t appear on his Twitter account.

Even in some of his previous Instagram photos, he showed him with a man spending his time. Some of the comments on the post refer to them as a couple. He has expressed his empathy and support for the transgender community. 

Who is Lee Burkhill’s partner?

Lee Burkhill refers to Barry as his partner. He spoke out about adopting a little brother for Barry on 12 May 2021. However, he keeps private his personal life’s details from the eye or the public that’s why we don’t know too much about his partner.

Who is Lee Burkhill's partner
Lee Burkhill

Lee Burkhill Husband: Is He Married?

It is believed that Lee Burkhill is a married man but he never announced his marriage openly that’s why we are not sure about it whether he is married or not. He is said to be married to Barry who is his partner. 


FAQs on Is Lee Burkhill Transgender?

Q.1 Who is Lee Burkhill?

Ans. Lee Burkhill is an  garden designer.

Q.2 What is Lee Burkhill’s Age?

Ans. Lee Burkhill’s age is 40 years as of 2023.

Q.3 Who is Lee Burkhill’s partner?

Ans. Barry

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