Is Ken Gay In The New Barbie Movie?

Is Ken gay in the new Barbie movie?:- Ken is the boyfriend of Barbie’s All-American. Ken is also recognized as Earring Magic Ken. He has been a constant companion of the iconic doll for decades. Barbie has also given a definitive answer to fans’ theories about Kane’s character ahead of the upcoming Barbie movie.

In the weeks leading up to Barbie’s release on Friday (July 21). Their fans have been speculating that Ken might be gay. Some fans even wondered if Barbie herself is gay. This film character Ken, who has also worked as a producer on the film, confirmed that there will be no gay Ken and Barbies.

Is Ken gay in the new Barbie movie?

Many peoples are curious to know about Ken’s gender, so here we are disclosing everything you need to know. Ken is the boyfriend of Barbie in this film.

barbie has released on 21 July 2023. Barbie and Ken are enjoying their life in the colorful and seemingly perfect world of Barbie Land. When they get a chance to go out into the real world, they soon discover the joys and dangers of living among humans.

This film was directed by Greta Gerwig. This film cast members are Margot Robbie, Simu Liu, Ryan Gosling, Helen Mirren, and Ariana Greenblatt. As a quirk, Barbie will not be screened in every region, as the film was recently banned in Vietnam for featuring a map depicting a “nine-dash-line”.

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