Inside the life of the man who spent ₹11 lakhs to transform himself into a ‘dog’

A man from Japan made headlines after he spent a staggering amount to transform himself into a dog. Known as Toco, the man spent 2,000,000 JPY (approximately 16 lakhs) to look like a border collie. Yes, you read that right. But have you wondered how Toco goes about his daily life – be it eating food or playing a game, or even making furry friends? Well, if you haven’t, then we have compiled a few videos that will give you a fascinating insight into his unique lifestyle.

A Japanese man transformed himself into a ‘dog’ by spending <span class=
A Japanese man transformed himself into a ‘dog’ by spending 11 lakh.(YouTube/ I want to be an animal)

The latest video on the man’s YouTube channel, shot as part of an interview by RTL – a German TV station, went viral online. It shows him going out on a walk in a park and making friends with other dogs. What’s interesting to watch is how passersby and viewers can hardly tell that he is a human in a dog’s disguise.

It all started a year ago when Toco began his transformation by wearing a realistic dog suit and introduced himself to his YouTube audience as a human who had become a collie because he ‘wanted to be an animal’. Since then, he has posted videos of himself seamlessly integrating his furry lifestyle into his daily routine.

In one of the videos, he can be seen playing table tennis. A paddle can be seen tied to one of his ‘paws’ as he skillfully bats a table tennis ball. He can even be seen performing some tricks with the ball.

Then this video shows Toco effortlessly blending his canine persona with human activities as he takes a leisurely walk inside a house. An individual leads him on a home tour with a leash tied to his collar.

Another video shows him strolling out of a house on all fours and patiently waiting for the elevator. As the video progresses, he gets inside it and exits the building. People who saw him on his way out stopped to greet him, and Toco happily obliged.

He also posted videos of himself eating dog food served in a dog bowl. The video opens to show him asking for dog food. As the video progresses, he impatiently waits for food. An individual then serves him food, which he quickly finishes.

Yet another video shows him getting locked inside a big case. The video opens to show him playing fetch with an individual. As the video progresses, he climbs into a big cage and spends some time inside it. Towards the end of the video, an individual opens the cage and gives him some comforting head and belly rubs.

Japanese company Zeppet, which specialises in making costumes for TV commercials and films, has created the hyper-realistic dog outfit for the man. It took them 40 days to make this realistic outfit. The company’s note underneath the dog suit reads, “We custom-made a dog suit for an individual client. The suit, modeled after a collie, pursues reality in its quadrupedal locomotion.” What are your thoughts on this?

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