‘I ditched my single friend after she went for a walk with my husband’

A woman has revealed how she ended a new friendship with a female neighbour after she asked her husband out for a dog walk while she was working.

Calling the neighbour “Amanda” the miffed wife took to Reddit to explain her actions to see if she was being an “a-hole” over the rumpus.

Explaining she had befriended the neighbour over a few years, the woman said she found single Amanda to be “extremely picky” about male partners, but that the qualities she was looking for often matched her own husband.

Things came to a head when the wife was at work one night and realised her husband had been asked to go on a dog walk with Amanda who was wearing the “biggest cleavage shirt I’ve ever seen her wear”.

When confronted about the dog walk Amanda was said to have become “aggressive” and accused the wife of having “insecurities”.

The pair are now no longer friends or on speaking terms, and the woman decided to consult the forum site Reddit for opinions on her decision.

She wrote: “I and my husband have a neighbour we befriended three years ago, let’s call her Amanda.

“Her are I used to be the only two people texting each other. She would invite me and later us to her house parties hosted by her male roommate. A few times her and I hung out.

“About a year ago Amanda got my husband’s phone number somehow probably through common friends and started including him in group conversations with the three of us.

“He was not impressed by it and almost never responded in the group chat. But she kept including him.

“I get a call from her at 8pm on a Saturday while at work. I know she knows I’m working, so I don’t even bother to pick up. It’s never anything important anyway.

“She then group texts me and my husband saying she is going on a walk with a dog and we can join her if we want. I see him liking the text and assume he didn’t go, because he always tries to ignore her.”

The woman explained it was pretty dark outside but when she left home at 8.30pm she discovered her husband had been out with the neighbour.

She continued: “I saw them standing by the gate. Her wearing the biggest cleavage shirt I’ve ever seen her wear, and overall she looked like she put some thought into her outfit.

“I told him if it was me walking with some dude from down the street at night, alone, in a secluded park, while he was at work, he would lose it. He admitted he would.

“As we’re talking about it, he gets a text from Amanda thanking him for coming out for a walk, this time it wasn’t a group text.

“The next day I texted her saying that it’s highly inappropriate to walk with someone else’s husband alone in the dark while their wife is at work and asked her not to include him in group chats and not to initiate activities with him when I am not present.

When confronting her friend, she was met with a “very aggressive” response and told her that she’d been on walks with other friends’ husbands who didn’t have issues like she did.

The wife then ended up blocking Amanda after she told her that she “understands the insecurities”.

She added: “Now I’m having second thoughts -maybe it was pretty innocent and I was the a-hole who blew it out of proportion.

People were quick to assure her she wasn’t being unreasonable, as one user wrote: “If it was really innocent then she’d be mortified that she was coming across that way. Instead, she deflected and attacked. It’s that behaviour that tells you she knows exactly what she’s doing. Definitely not wrong.”

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