Heartbreaking moment police officers walk son, 5, of murdered cop into school

Police officers escorted a five-year-old boy to school on his first day after his police officer dad was murdered at the scene of the burglary.

Jackson Romrell, five, walked alongside the group of at least 10 Utah officers acting as “fill-in dads” in honour of their lost co-worker.

David Romrell, a South Salt Lake Police Officer, was killed in November 2018, leaving behind his then four-month-old son and wife Elizabeth.

The boy has since grown up and is now starting kindergarten. His father’s former co-workers stepped in to see the youngster off on his big day.

The boy’s dad was killed by two suspects who were fleeing the scene of a burglary.

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Officer Romrell – the youngster’s dad – was a US Marine Corps veteran and served with the South Salt Lake Police Department for 11 months. He was killed in the line of duty while investigating a burglary on November 24, 2018.

Felix Calata, the driver of the car, was shot dead by officers at the scene after striking Officer Romwell. Jeffrey Don Black, a passenger in the car, was sentenced to up to 30 years in prison for his role in the robbery in June 2020.

Officer Romwell was the first South Salt Lake Police Officer to be killed in the line of duty. His son was pictured with the officers holding his mum’s hand as they walked to school together this week.

Pictures shared by the police department showed the officers surrounding the child as they put him on a police motorcycle for a photo opportunity.

The department honoured fallen soldiers, including Officer Romrell, with a fallen officer motorcycle ride the day before, according to Fox News.

Salt Lake Police Department honoured Officer Romrell on its website, which reads: “He devoted his entire adult life to serving his country and the community and made a lasting impact on all who had the fortune to know him.”

He served several tours with the Marines before settling down to become a police officer.

A 2013 social media survey from the International Association of Chiefs of Police found that 73 percent of police agencies say social media helps improve police-community relationships in their local areas.

Posting about public events, including positive stories such as escorting a child to school, are part of a huge increase in social media usage by police departments across the US.

It also allows police departments to communicate effectively with the public and help with solving crimes.

Additionally, spreading ‘goodwill’ through social media is supposed to help departments find new recruits, something many law enforcement agencies have struggled with throughout the US since relations between police and civilians have hit a low.

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