Guy Fieri Lyrics – Shotgun Willy

Guy Fieri Lyrics by Shotgun Willy is latest English song

Guy Fieri Song Detail

Song TitleGuy Fieri
Singer(s)Shotgun Willy
Musician(s)Shotgun Willy
Lyricist(s)Shotgun Willy

[Lyrics of Guy Fieri by Shotgun Willy]

Spit till the grave and my tooth falling out
Soon be replaced with a boob in my mouth
Ache and I pain when I’m moving around
Carry the game like a Stupid amount


Who wants
Zoo pal plate when I chew off your face
I mix the Doo Wop with Bass
While you getting
Booed off the stage

Living like Larry
Living like Sandy
Living like Bezos
Bought a chimpanzee
Super big bank roll
Living like Stan Lee
Takes two to tango
Billy and Mandy

Lets cop
Another round
Snort another ounce
She bounce up and down
Pit stop in

I run the show like Guy Fieri
Get more cheese and pu*sy than tom and Jerry
Made my main hoe the Virgin Mary
Just one step away from being legendary

Everybody hands up don’t panic
Make traq do a verse speakin Spanish
I’m getting to the money then I vanish
The bread coming first like a Sandwich

Gotta couple bills to pay
Gotta Make sure I eat three meals a day
My b!tch got tits that are real not fake
And her
Ass lookin bigger than your Real estate

The flames the chain the watch
I’ll take yo girl to go
I need a box
I’m hotter than a stove
I boast a lot
Perks of knowing what its like to be a boss

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