Fred DeLuca Best Inspiring Quotes

Fred DeLuca Best Inspiring Quotes

Even if you set a long-term goal, that doesn’t mean it’s a straight-line journey. Often, there are problems and obstacles along the way.


Profit or perish… There are only two ways to make money: increase sales and decrease costs.


It’s tough for people to get into business, especially a small business.


There are so many ingredients that are approved for use. You can’t be an expert on all of them.


 Everybody who goes through the business will make mistakes. The big question is how big will the mistakes be? How fast will they learn from the mistakes, and how quickly will they get the business in the correct direction?


You could have everything right but be in the wrong place. You think your business is no good, but really, the problem is your place is no good.


After 39 years of business, I’m still learning. I go through this every year -identifying new strategies that are extremely important.


I don’t have much of a bucket list. I don’t have a lot of needs and desires.


If you have company-owned stores, you make 100 percent of the profit from each one, but you have less entrepreneurial spirit.


If you treat people nicely, and you allow them to fulfill a role that is satisfying for them, they’ll accomplish a lot, and they’ll enjoy their work.