Bill Miller Quotes

Bill Miller Quotes


He’s for real. If you look up the definition of patriotism in the dictionary, his picture is there.


They were not happy with the debate and some of the bills that came out, so they’re showing their irritation … by running for the Legislature. It’s the great American way – if you don’t like it, change it.


Everyone tends to see the same things, read the same newspapers and get the same data feeds. The only way to arrive at a different answer from everybody else is to organize the data in different ways, or bring to the analytic process things that are not typically present.

Our overall philosophy was to invest in permanent facilities rather than temporary facilities. We steered them in that direction so that we had something left at the end of the Olympics.


Time arbitrage just means exploiting the fact that most investors — institutional, individual, mutual funds or hedge funds — tend to have very short-term time horizons, have rapid turnover or are trying to exploit very short-term anomalies in the market. So the market looks extremely efficient in the short run. In an environment with massive short-term data over- load and with people concerned about minute-to-minute performance, the inefficiencies are likely to be looking out beyond, say, 12 months.